Saturday, 6 April 2013

Reviews - Justin Bieber, Thriller Live & A Chorus Line

Last month, I was quite lucky considering I'm a student and went to go and see a few musicals and also Justin Bieber in concert!

The first thing I saw last month was Justin Bieber in concert at the O2 in London. Some of you are most probably thinking (if you dislike Justin Bieber) why the hell did you go and see him, and the reason for this is my housemate at uni Becca asked me to go with her as she is literally one of his biggest fans!

Luckily we didn't go on his first opening night where he came on stage an hour later or something rediculous, instead we went on the Thursday when he collapsed on stage! I've seen a lot of concerts at the o2 and his was probably one of my favourites that i've been too. The atmosphere that you get when your inside the actual arena is just amazing its completely buzzing which is what you want when you go to a concert. I do feel sorry for him, hes 19 and he is incredibly talented, he has a beautiful voice and he is an amazing dancer as well, and at that age to put on a performance that he did is incredible. He's an inspiration to his fans as well, telling them to believe in themselves and what they do to acheive things in life. And if you want to do well then you do have to "believe".

The o2 - Justin Bieber "Believe" tour.

Thriller -

My Mum's friend was over from Paris so my Mum wanted to take her friend to see a West End musical so we all decided on Thriller and we didn't regret this decission at all. I love going to see a good musical, it makes such a good evening its a bit pricey but its nice to do it now and again and if you go on and other similar websites you can get some great deals too!

I wanted to go and see it as a friend of mine from school Jordan Palmer is in it. (she wasn't in it when we went but she is now!) its quite a new musical to the West End and I think it will be around for sometime as its fantastic. Its based on the well-known, amazingly talented, Micheal Jackson and includes all his hit songs right from when he was in the Jackson 5. The whole cast are all incrdibly talented and the atmosphere which they create in the theatre is amazing as well the audience were getting up and dancing, it is deffinitely a "feel good" musical and I would recomend to go and see it especially if you are a Micheal Jackson fan!

A Chorus Line -

After going to see Thiller it got my mum & I in the mood to see another musical so we decided on A Chorus Line at the London Palladium. When we arrived at the Palladium we thought it was only right to have a glass of champagne to get us ready for the show!

We went to the matinee so there wasn't an interval half way through so if you do like a break I wouldn't recomend to see a matinee, however this wasn't a problem for us! It probably wasn't one of my favourite musicals that i've seen as I found it quite repetitive but thats not to say it wasn't good as all the cast members were all extremely talented. Its about people auditioning to be in a Broadway musical, its a chance of a lifetime for them and its the opportunity to do what they've always dreamed of doing that is to have the chance to dance.

The story is told through dancing, singing and acting, however some off it does get a bit repetitive so I would probably reccomend to go to the evening performance rather than the matinee

I've been a bit rubbish with updating my blog but hopefully I'm back into it now so there will be more things coming on here!