Friday, 21 June 2013

Dinner at The Dorchester

Last month it was my boyfriends birthday, I wanted to do something special for him as it was the first birthday of his that I’ve spent with him. He is EXTREMELY hard to take out for a meal as he’s a very talented Head Chef & whenever we do go out for a meal he is so hard to please.

He had been saying to me that he would love to go to The Dorchester is one place that he has always wanted to go to, so I looked on the well-known TopTable (which have some amazing deals) and I booked a table at The Dorchester Hotel on Park Lane and I am so glad I did. They do special offers all throughout the week. We had their set menu which is £35 for 3 courses which is an amazing price for the quality of the food and service. You are supposed to get a glass of champagne included with that but I think they forgot but we felt rude to ask! However we did order a bottle of wine & 2 cocktails which were both amazzzzinngggg!!

If you are looking for some where to go for a special occasion and want very good food then I would highly recommend to go to The Dorchester, but it would be recommendable to save up some money before you go as it can be expensive! The total of our bill came to £115 including service, but for what we had and the quality of it I wouldn’t complain as there are so many places where I have eaten out and the bill has been around the same price and no where near as good!

It’s a place for a special occasion, would highly recommend!

Me & craig with our cocktails! Craig isn't very good at taking photos so I had to edit mine slightly!

Our amazing starters I had Asparagus & I've forgotten what craigs was but he said it was amazing! & they gave us a beetroot and makeral moose before our main starters came!

My main course, which was salmon and was cooked perfectly! For some reason I haven't got a picture of Craigs main course, but he had lamb shoulder which he loved!

The best part about any meal is the deserts! Before we got our actual deserts they gave us a sorbet type thing in order to clense out pallette which was really good and refreshing! I then had a bannana and lemon parfait with a coconut moose and craig had rhubarb and custard which came with honeycomb and a strawberry sauce which looked and tasted amazing!

 I told the staff that it was Craigs birthday and after our desert they brought out the chocolate cake which looked amazing and wrote happy birthday on a plate for him as well which was a really nice touch. However we were too full to even attempt to eat it so they put it in a bag/box for us to take away with us. As you can see Craig seems very amused by the bag/box they gave us. Another year older but he doesn't act it unfortunately!