Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Valentines day gift ideas..:)

Hello everyone! :)

As we all know valentines day is creeping up on us. If your like me and you have a boyfriend and haven't got a clue what you are going to get him, then fear no more.... I thought I would share with you some of my gift ideas. 

I've been looking at quite a few of my favourite blogs and youtube channels to try and find some inspiration, however, I've been quite disappointed as they all seem to be gift ideas for girls, so I thought I would get on the Valentines day gift idea blog post bandwagon but do it for guys instead! 

Im not one to spend loads on Valentines day presents, I think the day is hyped up a bit too much to be honest, and being a student as well I can't afford to spend loads. So all the gift ideas below are all under £25 so if you are a student like me they should be in your price range :) 

What boy doesn't need boxer shorts? With every type of underwear (except bras) whether its socks, boxers, knickers, you name it, they always seem to go missing, its like the washing machine eats them up! I thought these ones from Topman were quite quirky and I love the colours on them.

I think this is such an amazing idea! If your boyfriend is anything like mine, he will get out of bed right at the last minute, has a quick shower, brushes teeth, does his hair, whacks on some clothes and VOILA.. He's out of the door. Craig rarely its any breakfast before work, and I think if he was to have these in his life it would entice him into having breakfast in the morning. I wouldn't mind these breakfast to go pots for my self!

If your really stuck on what to get your boyfriend/husband/fiance I always find things like belts are my 'go to' presents if Im really stuck, whether its for my dad, boyfriend or brother. You can't go wrong with a nice belt. With this one being £15 I would say its a bit of a bargain. 

I love the colour of this jumper. I always think burgundy colours suit people with brown hair. (Craig has brown hair) however, if your not a fan of burgundy then this jumper comes in different colours too. If you live in the UK you will know that the weather hasn't been at its best recently, saying that when is it during the winter months? This jumper would be perfect in order to keep your boyfriend nice and warm!

I saw this, and I had to double check that I read the price right. What guy doesn't love beer? My boyfriend and myself find things like this really interesting. I think this is such a nice idea if your one of those types of people who like being out and about doing different things. Its in Oxfordshire, so it may be too far for some people to travel, but if you don't live too far away then why not make a day of it? If your like me and Craig and can't spend Valentines day together because your working or something, this would be a good way to celebrate valentines day followed by a lovely meal nearby?

I think the majority of iPhone users will know that they tend to get cracked screens very easily after being dropped. This has happened to me with 2 of my old iPhones.. (Yes I am clumsy) If your boyfriend has an iPhone then why not get him a case to protect it? He will thank you when he drops his phone and it doesn't break!

I hope this has given you all some inspiration! Have you got any plans for Valentines day? I would love to know! Also if you have any gift ideas leave them in the comments below!