Tuesday, 6 May 2014


This isn't my usual kind of blog post, but I am having one of those nights where you just think and look back on things. (One reason for me doing this is because I cannot sleep because of the loud music outside!) As most of you will know now, I am coming to the end of my time at uni which is literally the most scariest thing, and exciting at the same time.. If you have been to uni I am sure you will understand what I mean, when you have mixed emotions. But anyway.. 

There has been SO much in the news recently, about young children, teenagers, doing really nasty things to their teachers, which just should not happen to anyone. One story in particular which has shocked a number of people is the Ann Maguire case, and a more recent one of two kids putting bleach in their teachers cup of tea. 

If you are still at school and reading this, and your not loving it, you think teachers are mean, and really strict, and you are sick to death of people telling you that school is the best time of your life because you don't see how it is even possible. I used to think the EXACT same. When I first started secondary school I wasn't a fan, I'm not going to lie, I went to a catholic all girls school, and by the time I reached year 9 I just new that school was not for me. I'm a very creative person.. Its completely fine to be like that and so I was lucky to be able to find a school after that which suited me perfectly which was going to a full time theatre school, so as well as the academic subjects I did vocational subjects 2 day a week which consisted off singing, acting and dancing.

I know, its not for everyone, and I know its not possible for everyone to go to a theatre school, but it is important that we all go to school and get as much out of it as you physically can, because if you don't you will regret it. I know it will not seem like that now. But 100% trust me on this one. When you are bored at school, or not enjoying it and you and your friends are mucking around, and your teacher tells you off, just remember they are not doing it to be horrible. They are doing it because they have your best interest at heart and they want you to do well in order to succeed. School is the first step, to the rest of your life, your career. 

If you ask me or anyone I know, they will all say that they wish they were still at school. So do not wish it away. Enjoy every minute of it, make the most of it, don't make enemies with your teachers, be civil with them, make memories because you will be able to treasure them forever.  You may think that school, is pointless, boring, ect but in 5 years time after you have finished you won't. You will look back and be glad that you made the most of your school years, because believe me it goes by just like that!