Monday, 2 September 2013

Clarins - My life saviour!

Since a young age, I've always suffered with dry skin. During my childhood I had really bad eczema and dry skin too. As I reached my teenage years it became more of a problem to me as I started to get paranoid about it and wanted to get rid of it & no matter what I tried nothing EVER seemed to work, it always worked to a certain extent and then tablets, creams ect wouldn't do anything. Luckily i've seemed to of grow out of it, but sometimes when I'm stressed or upset I will get it back a bit, I tend to get really bad skin during the colder months too & we get a lot of them in England. 

I've been using these products for about 2 years now. Since i've been at uni I haven't been one for using expensive products, but I find if I don't then my skin will always be dry. Luckily I don't get spots & oily skin so Im lucky in that respect. When my skin is very dry I use the intensive serum and then I apply the cream afterwards. When my skin is good ( like it is now) I use the body lotion on my face and all over my body after a shower ect. If it wasn't for these products I don't know what I would do, so if you suffer with dry skin I would definitely recommend these products to you. 

Do you suffer from dry skin? - If you do what do you find works for you?