Thursday, 24 October 2013

Review: The Body Shop Vitamin E Facial Oil

Hello Everyone :)

I went shopping a few weeks ago and ended up in the Body Shop as per usual, and I ended up purchasing quite a few bits and pieces. One of the items was the Vitamin E facial oil. Im a big fan of the Vitamin E range, I tend to use the BB cream and the moisturisers from the range and so I  decided to try something new, so I picked this out...

As i've mentioned a few times throughout my blog, my skin tends to get extremely dry throughout the colder months so its SO important for me to have a good skin care routine during the colder months. Usually my skin would be really dry by now, but it isn't, so I reckon, this Vitamin E facial oil is helping my skin. Normally I would take my make-up off with a face wash and whack a load of moisturiser on and massage it into my skin. Now I do exactly the same but I use this before I apply my moisturiser.

Where this product is an oil I would only ever use it at night in order for it to sink into my skin, and I wouldn't be too keen putting it on in the morning before doing my make-up ect as I would find it too greasy. The oil is a pipet application which makes it easy too apply. When I use it, I use two drops on each side of my face and then rub it in around the rest of my face.

When I first got this product I wasn't too sure about it as I hadn't really noticed it before, however, I am so glad I did decide to purchase it. If you do suffer from dry skin then I would definitely recommend to purchase it and give it a go as I do believe my skin has benefited from this. 

Are there any products in the Body Shop you would recommend? What are you loving at the moment?

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Life update!

Hey Everyone! 

Sorry for being such a rubbish blogger recently by not being very consistent.  I've been ridiculously busy with uni work with deadlines coming up ect. However, I have planned some blog posts for this week so keep on checking :) 

Have you been busy doing anything in particular? What have you been loving at the moment? I'd love to know! 

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