Saturday, 2 May 2015

A night with Jimmy Carr!

Hey everyone!

Last Saturday myself and Craig went to see Jimmy Carr at the Hammersmith Apollo, I brought tickets for Craig to go and see him as a Christmas present, so if he didn't take me there would've been A LOT of trouble! Which is understandable right? 

We had both been looking forward to this for ages, well, since Christmas, because with Craig's job it is very rare that we get to spend a whole day with each other at the weekend! (Word of advice kids.. Never date a chef).. 

We decided that it would only be right to make a whole day of it, so we decided to get the train to London fairly early so we could have a few drinks and something to eat beforehand without it feeling like that we were rushing. Whenever we go to London for some reason our first stop is always Covent Garden, so naturally, we went there first! There is just something about Covent Garden that I love and I don't think I would ever get bored of it? 

 Our first stop was this amazing cocktail bar called 21. When you walk in there is such a divine smell of Italian food being cooked and the cocktails are amazing! They have two outdoor terraces. We've only ever sat on the one which looks out over the street entertainers! 

After having a few drinks there it was time to make our way to see Jimmy Carr at the Apollo. Which was absolutely amazing! I don't know whether Jimmy Carr's sense of humour would be to everyones taste, but i absolutely love him! One word of advice is to never EVER ask a question or have any involvement in the heckling part of the show that some comedians do, because they will literally go in to you. 

We had such a lovely day and night, as it's not something that we get to do very often, so i thought it would be nice to do a post like this as it gives me something to look back on and I like sharing things like this with you! 

Who's your favourite comedian? 


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