Wednesday, 26 March 2014

My lip pet hate..

Hello Everyone! Hope your all okay :)

This is probably going to sound like a bit of a rant post.. However, its not intended to be so in advance I am very sorry if it is. I know most girls will agree with me when I say having dry, chapped lips is one of the worst things? If you think this, and get dry lips quite often then carry on reading... 

Ever since about the age of 16 when my friend introduced me to this lip balm...

I have always gone out and brought it.. I've been using it a lot recently because for some reason my lips have been getting dry every few days.. One day they will be completely fine and then the next.. VOILA, they are dry again! SO frigging annoying. Anyway.. 

I used to think that Carmex was the best lip balm ever, no exaggeration. I used to love it. Theres something about the smell too. Im quite a big fan of it. However, the last few weeks when i've been using it on a daily basis. I've been some what disappointed with it and i've kind of lost my love for it? I don't feel that it works as good as what I need it to. 

When I apply it to my dry lips. It sort of instantly makes them feel smooth and soft and completely normal, but then about an hour later after its worn of my lips they start to feel as if they are getting dry again. 

I will probably carry on using this until I finish it, because I HATE wasting products too. But once I'm getting to the end of it I will think about purchasing something else within the lip balm department. 

What Lip balms would you recommend? 



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