Sunday, 23 March 2014

That spring time feeling :)

Hello Everyone :) 

Primark tights
Zara bag (old)
Hope your all okay :) In the last outfit post I did, I mentioned that I had taken a trip to New Look and brought a few pieces. I found this dress which I thought was an absolute bargain. The pictures don't do it justice (I was in a rush taking them so apologies for that! *bad blogger, slaps wrist*) Anyway its a lovely corally/pinky colour which I absolutely love and is perfect for spring! You can't really see in the picture but it has some gold zips which I think add a more sophisticated feel to the dress. 

I wore this dress with THESE black boots from BOOHOO which I'm completely in love with. They are so comfy and the perfect height. When the weather gets a bit warmer here in the UK I would obviously get my legs out instead of wearing tights and I would probably wear sandals instead of boots. 

At the moment I'm trying to get out of wearing disco pants and a top/jumper all the time. And jazz up my wardrobe a little bit by buying more dresses. I always have to wear something that is comfy I don't think there is anything worse than not being comfy in clothing, so I guess thats why I go for the easy option of leggings/disco pants and a top/jumper... But I'm being WILD and wearing more dresses at the moment... So look out for more outfit posts where I am NOT wearing disco pants/leggings and a comfy top! 

Is there anything that you have brought recently that you thought was a complete bargain? Leave the links below! 



P.S As I mentioned in my previous post I am going to attempt to run the 5K race for life.. This is going to be a HUGGEE challenge for me so if you fancy sponsoring me then I would really appreciate it! Its for such a good cause too! 

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